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This 18in light pink happy birthday glossy foil balloon is wonderful for celebrating birthdays off all ages.

18in Light Pink Happy Birthday Glossy Foil Balloon

  • There is also an additional chargeable option : Make me a display. This is where we turn a simple foil balloon into just that little bit extra by adding 3 latex balloons and attaching them all onto a weight for you.


    We recommend as soon as you receive your balloon to be aware of the following. Don�t have anything sharp in your hands, keys, scissors etc. When taking the balloons out of their bag or box, don�t allow them to hit against any sharp objects.

    Weather and temperature affect the balloons and is out of the control of yourself and us. It is a very �science� matter.

    Be aware if you have pets, do not drag through doorways, getting trapped in car doors or boots. All our balloons are weighted but care needs to be